21 July, 2009

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20 July, 2009


You pop up in the grass
Gentle, bold as brass
You creep up in the night
Turning pink to white


When the rain falls upon the ground
Covering the roads, pavements, lawns
It seems like a fresh beginning
What has gone before is washed away
Cleansing the Earth, city and countryside
Flowing over humanity and it's souls.

Blue light

You help me through
The blue light
Quieting my mind
Giving me my sight
You steer me through
the throng
Remind me that
I'm strong

Showering from above
Protecting all around
Showing me through love
Happiness will be found


Who put you on the plinth
To tower over others?
What makes you think that you
Can look down upon us?
You stand for peace and harmony
Asking us to follow;
Yet when we suffer deeply
You help not in our sorrow

A manmade view of nature

Through the transparent squares
Invisible yet distorting
Outlined with black metal
Solid, definite framing
The freedom of mother nature
Green leaves in the wind waving